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We’ve had a few cousins get married, but I guarantee if you go to Springfield, or Savannah, or any other place, if you look, you’re gonna find that, too.” There is both truth and fiction surrounding the rumors.There were indeed occasions when cousins married, including Earnest’s brother Alvin, who married his second cousin, Sigma.A few days after an unprecedented March ice storm pummeled the area, the ground crunched underfoot.The season reminded Earnest Edwards of the days when he went to school here, and how he used to stand out from the other children due to his patched pant knees, torn T-shirts, and the fact that he sometimes walked to school barefoot, even in winter.Aside from hunting, good fishing could be had at a pastoral lake nearby.Children went to the local school, and like Earnest Edwards, they discovered how different their contemporaries perceived them to be.

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But near the bluffs where Sisters Ferry, Shawnee and Clyo mingled, two families carved out their own serene inlet.

Off the beaten path and down several dirt roads, the Edwards and Morgans families found what they would soon call Tiger Ridge. For many years it was a difficult place to find unless you knew where to look, and depending on who you spoke with, it was an ill-advised idea to visit.

There were no large municipal buildings or much infrastructure for miles.

They were taunted, and on several occasions drew their firearms in defense, standing guard outside the property to scare away reckless passersby who ventured to see something that was not there.

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Thanks in part to a yearly holiday light show, that has since changed.

The tranquil hush of the nearby Savannah River ebbed southward.

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